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The English Speaking Club of Zurich

New in Zurich ?

British, American, Scandina-vian, Asian, Swiss, Expats, etc. - everybody is welcome.

(Ir)regular Meeting Place

Our regular meeting takes place every last Tuesday of the month at different places at the moment (mostly at Restaurant Werdguet): From 7:00 p.m. you are invited to join us! Just have a chat, meet new people, etc. Especially in the colder season this event has become one of the most attended ones.

How to get there? See description directly at the corresponding event.
Non members are welcome...

The new current committe in charge, you will find here.

A short note from the Secretary


A (long) note from the secretary

Dear Members,

Can you remember when we had the so called summer night parties in our club? With some nostalgic feelings, I must state that this belongs to the past. It goes back to a time when fast internet and smart phones did not yet exist - and we had many more members.

BUT in September, we will run a small revival event, not to compare with the classic summer night party, but a "late summer apero riche" with a special show surrounding you. No matter whether you have your own model railway at home or not, please make your way to Alpenbahnparadies Schlieren on September 6 and let us spend a great evening together. 

Have you heard about the so called "Bla Bla Caisses" or "Caisses lentes" (slow check-outs) in France? When you go shopping in certain supermarkets, you can officially have a longer chat with the employee at the check-out. And the customers behind you must not urge you to stop this (unless you want to chat for a full hour or more...). So, the stay at the check-out becomes socialised. Back to the roots like many decades ago when we all made our business in small shops (Tante Emma Laedeli) where each knew the other one.

Socialising is also an important feature in a club. Therefore, I want to emphasise our Open House events. They are not always well frequented BUT they belong for sure to the most social events, and this almost every month.

I am looking forward to seeing you at many of our upcoming events.    

Warmest regards


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